Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Real Estate? I say no now I will tell you why.

1. How else do local city county get rev? Taxation of property if you are slow if municipalities over spend can’t pay bills yep property owner will bear cost!

2. Fannie Freddie Ha? Who knows how but chances are all worth less as with Lehman

3. Employment sorry Commercial need jobs for rent tenats for business aka employees. Corprate profits are up less people to pay reduce inventory will take time tio recover.

4. Employment tanted credit underwater hard to move

5. tax credit front end loaded how long does it take to be willing to pay 8,000 more? tax credits front end loaded con sumerr behavior must have not been considered wich brings me back to #1 bigest fear is it will cost to much to own things due to unlimited potential tax liability.

6. Don’t lie down in front of a runaway train. Need a catalyst and reversal in sentimant.

7. Not first bubble or erational exuberance historically 10 years or better to recover worthy? Credit demand?

9. Illiquidity – Anything is only worth what you can get for it now

10. Can’t fix fear


1. intetrest rates can’t won’t stay lowest ever nothing goes in a straight line ionfinatium.

2. get while can regulation taxes and interest rates prob. all higher later. Being said arm prob not what you want

3. I am wrong

We aim to create value and derable competive advantage

$15 a month is a cheap way to loose between taxes insurance etc. if so list – real estate
Thinking of getting brokerage so can run mls myself can’t get straight answer all seem to think I wan’t to know how hard test is. I am not concerned about test passed harder wish could take tommorrow but the mls gov realtors will make it cost more and our taxes higer owe them nothing interesting how they want to keep others out well I will never pay any union includeing national assoiation of realators tradmark a makebelieave word funny how yes like Disney or mickey-mouse.
Thanks my opnion

6/01/11 looks like I was right!

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